One air pollution control device that is utilized to rid industrial exhaust streams of some particulates or gasses is the dry gas scrubber. A dry gas scrubber is different from the wet scrubber in that it does not fill the flue gas stream that you are treating with moisture. Dry Exhaust Gas Scrubbers are useful in removing toxic and corrosive toxic gasses such as HVL and sulfur dioxide mainly from outside sources. 

Hydrogen sulfide gas, acid gasses, chlorine gas and other toxic industrial hazards are common by-products of the most typical mechanical and chemical processes. When organic compounds, reactant chemicals, and raw metals are mixed, manufacturers make many of the familiar products for the industrial and commercial market. When making large volumes of products, improving the reliability of the process is vital. To make sure that these processes go well, industries use some very reliable chemical methods over time. Dry gas scrubbers and other methods of toxic or acid scrubbing, however, remain crucial stages in making sure that the environmental cost remains at a minimum. 

While we are all aware of the requirement of maintaining a low carbon footprint, mitigating acid gas has not gotten as much publicity. This is partly due to the broad range of useful scrubber technologies that are available. Most acidic gasses like hydrogen chloride and ammonia are water soluble, so they have a tendency to precipitate out when some moisture in added to the gas. Dry gas scrubbers add a little or no liquid when they are used to clean exhausts. This means that they do not need steam plumes, removal processing or the standard scrubber accessories. The dry gas scrubber only injects a material that is sorbent that aims for and absorbs gasses effectively. After it has absorbed all the harmful products, a control device is used to reclaim it along with any sorbent that is excess. This prevents the escape of these wastes into the air. 

Dry Gas Scrubber systems are a vital part of the phase of phase filtration and are crucial for not only in maintaining environmental standards that are high, but also internal manufacturing processes for different industries. The regular use of highly volatile chemicals in treating semiconductors and circuit boards needs a keen attention to detail in addition to extreme cleanliness. Toxic or acid gasses scrubbing aids in lowering the requirement for expensive cross-contamination and extensive assurances. 


Dry scrubbers are also used in waste water treatment plants where there may be a high level of odor issues. When activated products are added to the exhaust, they remove odorous and corrosive gasses.